A mantra for life

Here is a mantra I have been developing to guide me in work and life. 

Shun victimhood and cynicism.
Seek out truth and joy. 
Be grateful every day.

Here's why: 

Victimhood is ugly and unhelpful. 
Cynicism is ugly and unhelpful. 
They do not better a situation nor endear you to anyone worth endearing yourself to.
But they are prevalent and easily lapsed into. So it's best to be conscious of this and avoid these states. 

Truth is a tricky one. It is hard to know what is true and by what measure. But some things seem quite certainly to be false. They are the behaviors and convictions that seem to not work in some way in the world. Some grand judiciary of all things deems them...lesser. And if we are to accept this of some things, then we may seek out whatever is opposite to them. And that points to where truth might be. 

Joy is an agent of transcendence. Soul food. Happiness is this, here, for now. It abandons ship the moment clouds gather. Joy is possible whatever your fortunes. 

Practice gratitude. Every day think about the things that are going your way - the people enriching your life, the opportunities available to you and so on.


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