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Let's talk

I keep hearing that western countries like the UK and US are hopelessly polarized at this moment, with regular people unable to engage in nuanced discourse and disagree in a healthy way. Well, I would like to push back on that. I invite people in my social sphere to join me. Maybe this polarization is evident in comments sections on the internet or in people who make their political views their very moorings in reality and (understandably) therefore can't stand to have them prodded. But I think many of us are perfectly capable of holding a civil conversation, even on messy topics. I've been thinking about why people like Sam Harris, Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson command such large audiences . Part of it may be they offer long form, nuanced discussion, with no small amount of humor. They respect each other and their audiences. And they don't prostrate themselves before noisy radicals. I regard much of the news cycle (and the newsfeed) as relentless, belligerent  noise. They