Best practice (advice for friends)

What are the practices that have been most helpful for me that I would recommend to my friends?

Abandon social media (makes you feel not good enough)

Stop watching/reading the news (makes your world feel not good enough)

Adopt financial planning, even at its simplest. Budget weekly or monthly. Articulate your financial goals. Be deliberate about where you put your savings

Play a sport - it's important to practice fair play

Simplify your life; inventory your stuff, cull the things you don't value. I own: two capsule wardrobes (business and casual), a guitar, a bike and a laptop. That's it. 

Write for 10 minutes every day about anything at all, simply so you can think about something properly

If unwilling to pray or engage with anything explicitly religious, explore adding at least some element of spirituality into your life...perhaps 10 minutes of reflection and gratitude

Resist the temptation to be a victim and take at least some responsibility for the suffering that comes your way

Keep your room tidy

Your environment informs what you believe is possible (I heard someone say this and wrote it down). Try and fill your environment with exceptional people and beauty. Maybe you can absorb some brilliance and beauty and manifest it yourself. 

Read a book every month that wasn't written in the past five years (the idea is to avoid current bestsellers and choose instead books that have stayed around once the initial marketing push subsides)

Learn to cook - even the fundamentals will help save a huge amount of money, eat healthier, and entertain guests. And it's really satisfying 


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