Linchpins in action

Some people can't help but light up their stage, whatever it may be. They are invaluable because they make life wonderful. They prompt passers-by and customers like myself to remember and spread the word, long after the fact.
  • My library use their 'community corner' to exhibit books on a particular theme each week, such as 'Traveling in Asia' or 'Cooking for Beginners'. On a recent visit I saw they were between exhibits. No display. Only a table with empty book holders. But they put up a sign: 'Next week we will have an exciting new display in place. For now, please enjoy our collection of invisible books'. 
  • I passed a pub in Galway, Ireland with a sign for non customers: 'You can use our toilets, but please make a £1 donation to our chosen charity at the bar'.
  • In line at a Pret a Manger. A miffed customer ahead of us turns and pushes past my friend, muttering darkly. The barista gives my friend a coffee on the house. 'I'm sorry about that - he was very rude'. My friend leaves smiling, a Pret evangelist. 


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